The live action for this project was shot in March of 2001.  We were able to
find a wonderful location to stand in for the Nevada desert south of La Junta, Colorado.

With no grip crew, reflectors and bounce board were our total lighting package.  The camera
was a Canon XL1, shooting in Frame Movie Mode, which gave us more of a film look to this
MiniDV production.  A good 416 shotgun mike rounded out our package.

The script called for an Apache attack copter to buzz the talent.  This of course, was
added in post.  Ironically, a REAL Apache nosed us over around lunchtime, as the canyon we were
shooting in bordered military test grounds.

The day after we shot, a strong spring snowstorm dropped six inches.  Timing is everything!

Post started the day after returning from the shoot (Hey, it was a snowstorm, what
else could I do but edit?).  A good cut was finished in two days, but this was just
the start of a post process that would take an entire year of part time work.

The editing was done entirely with a DPS/Leitch Reality/Velocity system.  Computer
animation was done with Lightwave, and compositing was with Digital Fusion 2.5.

The "Little Green Man" character was inspired by the work of John Pinkerton, and
his model kit of the same name.  My CGI replica doesn't do justice to John's original
vision.  Visit his site at and if you like this little guy, BUY
him for your own home!

Audio post and original music was added by Jeff Prine.  He did a great job of finding
an off-kilter feeling to add to the score, and really compliments the visuals.


This was the first short film project I didn't shoot film, and I've got very mixed feelings
about it.  On the plus side, my ENTIRE budget for location work was only $160.00, and
as mentioned, the edit was in the can 48 hours later.  Also, the fact that I didn't have
to get film scans or a pin-registered transfer was wonderful.  No film weave!